Effective, economical, safe

Steriloc is the sanitisation and bio-security system for organisations that are serious about virus protection, hygienic environments, employee, customer and stakeholder welfare.

Key facts about Steriloc

Quick – sanitises up to 30 people a minute with 5k to 25K dispenses between refills

Cost effective 1p per measured dispense and prevents sanitiser theft

Absenteeism –  found to reduce  illness a typical drop from 2.2% to 0.5%

Environmentally friendly –  precision dosing ensures less waste, no paper towels, no plastic bottle waste

Easy Install – Wall mounted, counter top or freestanding  suitable for indoors or outdoors easily integrates into access control systems

Secure – if mandatory sanitisation is required Steriloc can send a signal to access control systems – no sanitisation no entry

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