Plant Raisers Ltd.

Steriloc has been used since 2011 by Plant Raisers, the UK’s leading plant propagator.

Hygiene and bio security are of paramount importance in the horticultural sector. Plant viruses are a major threat to the profitability of horticultural businesses.


Steriloc was designed and built on site as we were unable to purchase equipment, we believed gave us the level of protection and fail safes to ensure everyone received sanitiser.

As propagators we are legally bound to produce plants which are virus free, the presence of a notifiable virus onsite would bring about enforcement action by UK plant health, resulting crop destruction and the nursery been closed until proven virus free.

Therefore we have a vast amount of experience in reducing the threat of staff carrying  viruses onto the nursery, it’s worth noting that many of the tomato viruses are present on imported fruit in the UK retailers therefore the level of inoculum in the environment is considerable.

To date we have been successful in defending the nursery against these threats coupled with the benefit of an enviable staff sickness record accounting for only 0.25% of total payroll. Steriloc  is essential to our business.

A Steriloc system is in use at every entrance door and are used by all visitors and employees without exception. Hand sanitation is requirement to enter. Turnstiles and door entry systems will not allow access without an application of sanitiser been applied to hands.

A second level of protection is provided by Steriloc sanitisers connected to turnstiles to gain access into the glasshouses.

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